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Five Simple Web Design Hacks for Beginners
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No matter if you work with a web developer or if you’re choosing to design website independently, follow this guide to the simplest web design hacks you just can’t afford to ignore. These simple tips will ensure your website design stands above the competition while still being super simple to apply. It’s no longer good enough to just exist on the web, your web design simply needs to stand out if you have any hopes of getting noticed.

Here are Gilmedia’s top five simple hacks for creating a striking new website:

1. Use colour to keep your visual tone specific

If you’re working with a tight budget, one of the easiest ways to guarantee a striking and modern website is by getting specific and creative with your colour palate. If your brand already has an established colour (or colours), then make sure everything on your site matches your colour aesthetic. From your photography to your fonts, stay specific with your story. Even if it’s not apparent to your audience on first impact, you’ll still be perceived as a business with a professional appearance and a flair for design – and forward design is a must for any creative industry.

Colour means a lot of different things, and it can work harder for you than just upgrading an aesthetic. Colour indicates emotion, so if you’re hoping to sell a product with high energy, then red and orange tones will help to evoke that quickly. A calming, healthcare oriented product would benefit from green and light blue tones, which help to enable a sense of peace and tranquility.

2. Customize your font choices

Your audience will know if they’ve seen your font choices before. This will immediately downgrade your sense of individuality and professionalism. Your choice of font will undoubtedly speak volumes about your brand and cultural relevance. Never use a preloaded font on any program – always take the time to download a font that speaks about your brand.

If your budget allows it, look into having a designer create your brand your very own font. When you think of Disney or The Bay you immediately think of their personalized fonts and logo art. Differentiate your business from everyone else. Fonts will help you stand out.

3. Use professional photos from stock photo sites

Stock photos are the secret weapons of all media. A lot of the general population will see the images used in an online publication or on a brand’s webpage and subconsciously assume that these images were created for the brand, but, most of the time these images are selected cheaply from one of many online catalogues for images, video or even sound bites. Most stock photo websites charge a monthly fee or a per-image rate. Some stock image databases are better than others – and like everything in life, you’ll get what you pay for.

There are a lot of different stock image websites out there, which can make the decision-making process difficult. Here are our five suggestions for budget and selection:

4. Incorporate hover effects for a layered look

Hover effects are a simple way to give depth and layer to your website. It can be as simple as adding a shadow effect to your images or background layers. Often, hover effects will highlight whatever the mouse is touching to give the sense that the content it jumping from the page. While most of the time people don’t consciously notice these little details, they do add up to help your webpage stand above the competition.

5. Use video backgrounds to their full benefit

When used properly, background visuals can heighten your content with exceptional grace and impressive design. As a rule, an image is much more valuable than plain text. If this is the case then video will also add more layer and versatility than images can. Most the time background images don’t even require sound – in fact, soundless video can impact the content on your website without distracting your viewer from what’s important, like your call-to-actions or your more important text info.

Background videos don’t even need to use photo-imagery, but simple designs or “moving images”. A great example of “magic” (or moving) images is Flixel, an application that allows your image content to ripple and move in one specific area, giving the image a sense of life.

Are you interested in building a website for your business or brand? Trust the experts at Gilmedia to build the type of website that generates the best results for your company.

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