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Six Ways to Boost Seasonal Sales On Your Site

Winter is drawing nearer. For a lot of us, that means a few different things: it’s time to bundle up, make hot cocoa, and best of all, prepare for the excitement of the holiday season!

The holidays can be joyful, but there’s also a lot of stress this time of year. There’s a lot to prepare for in the early winter months. There’s the shopping, the cooking, the gift-wrapping… and for those of us running our own businesses and websites, there’s the preparation for holiday sales. This can take a lot of effort and planning. This is the time of year that can make a big difference in our sales and the expansion of our businesses. It’s integral that we take the proper precautions in ensuring a successful holiday season for our online brands.

To help you prepare, Gilmedia has put together a list of six simple ways to increase sales for your e-commerce website this holiday season:

1.Offer exclusive deals in celebration of the season

It’s an exhilarating time of year, so try to capitalize on that excitement! Show how much you’re looking forward to the holidays by creating exclusive sales and benefits in celebration of the season. Offer a percentage-sale exclusive to the holidays. Everyone’s got shopping to do, and we’re always grateful to see a retailer help lessen the financial strain of the spending season.

2. Switch your social media output into high gear

Social media is easy to avoid, and it’s often not seen as a priority for small businesses who have so many other important items on the go. Consider really taking advantage of social media this time of year. Engaging with people on a personal level can make a big difference. When so many retailers are faceless entities, it can be really exciting to have a small company engage with their clients via social media platforms. Social media can also be a great way to get your messages across, no matter if they’re promotional, personal, or seasonal.

3.Boost sales with an attractive, seasonal layout

Take advantage of the seasonal cheer. Your audience will appreciate it if you decorate your web page with festive ornamentation. Legitimate the seasonal excitement by taking the time to decorate your website in a way that truly reflects your brand. Take some time to consider how you can make it personal to your product. Every brand seems to be decorating the same ways seasonally, so get creative and be unique.

4.Use last minute tactics to improve your sales

The days leading up to Christmas and the end of the season are imperative to your business. Many people leave their holiday shopping to the very last minute. In fact, up to half of holidays shoppers have admitted to leaving most or all of their holiday shopping to the last week before their main events. Take advantage of this. Roll out an exciting sale or offer benefits that are impossible to ignore in the final days of the season.

5.Invest in your website

Make sure your website is working it’s best and that your e-commerce is totally up to speed! If everything goes as planned, you could experience a lot more web traffic this time of year. You’ll need your website to be able to keep up with all of your orders. The best way to prepare for the new season is by getting in touch with Gilmedia! The experts at Gilmedia can help you get your new website up and running in no time, enabling you to prepare for a prosperous new year.

6. Adopt new forms of payment

Try getting your website’s store a more diverse range of payment options. Get yourself set up with PayPal, create gift cards, enable customers to buy gifts for friends or anything else you can think of! Make sure you’re Visa Debt accessible; it makes such a big difference for people who may not have a credit card.

With the holidays in clear sight, make sure your website is up-to-date and ready for an influx of new customers coming your way! Get excited for the holidays and help get your audience get excited too. Try decorating your website with festive charm, invest in a digital facelift, and offer exciting deals in celebration of the season!

Are you interested in building a website for your business or brand? Trust the experts at Gilmedia to build the type of website that generates the best results for your company.

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