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We use search engines to find just about everything on the Internet. Whether you are looking to define a word, answer a question or find a product or service, Google is likely your first stop. For many websites, over 70% of traffic is generated from Google. This means that making your website search engine optimized can mean the difference between a good business and a great business. After all, what is the point of having a beautiful, appealing website if no one gets to visit it?

Gilmedia recognizes the vital importance of search engine optimization and builds it into every last part of your company’s website. There are several aspects one must take into consideration to ensure that a website is search engine optimizes and Gilmedia carefully attends to each of them. When you trust the experts at Gilmedia with developing your company’s website, you can be confident it will always be at the top of Google’s list.


Search engine optimization is a crucial component of developing any company’s website. Imagine, for example, that your company sells pianos. A potential customer Google searches “pianos Toronto”. The search may produce thousands of results however it is highly unlikely that a customer will look beyond the first three companies listed. Search engine optimization ensures your customers are led to your company website when they conduct relevant searches.



There are a number of factors that contribute to developing a search engine optimized website including content, layout and links. Google is an incredibly sophisticated machine that continuously gets more intelligent. Ensuring your company’s website remains at the top of a Google search is an ongoing battle that starts at the actual development of your website and continues with ongoing creating of content and more. Finally, we provide ongoing analytical tracking of the progress and results of your website. Gilmedia continuously ensures that your company’s website is at the top of Google’s list.



The cost of search engine optimization is minimal when compared to the benefits. Search engine optimization drastically increases the traffic to your website and, ultimately, increases your company’s sales. Although it may take several months to experience tangible results, search engine optimization is an investment worthwhile for every company’s website. Do not let your company’s website get lost in the thousands upon thousands of Google search results. Trust the specialists at Gilmedia to ensure that your website always winds up at the top of relevant search results.


Gilmedia specializes in search engine optimization, an ever-changing process that involves creating unique and dynamic websites with rich, relevant content. Learn more about what Gilmedia can offer your company with effective search engine optimization – contact us today.

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