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Just about everybody accesses the Internet via their Smartphone on a daily basis. You can likely attest that there is nothing more frustrating than a website that does not display itself properly on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. What many customers and website designers fail to recognize is that designing a website that is mobile friendly is notably different than designing a website that looks visually pleasing on your computer screen. Having a mobile friendly web design is crucial so that your customers have access to your company website on the go.

Gilmedia specializes in creating websites that are visually pleasing and easy to navigate when accessed via mobile device. This ensures that no matter where your customers are they have access to the critical information available on your website. When you trust Gilmedia with your mobile website design, you can rest assured knowing your customers are not cursing their phone as they struggle to click on links and garner valuable information when accessing your company website from their Smartphone.


Having a website your customers can access from their mobile device is more important today than ever before. Consumers depend more and more on their Smartphones to access information on the Internet. Consider the customer who is near your business and wants to check your hours of operation on your company website before they stop by. Think about the customer who is out for dinner with a group of friends and wants to get their opinion on a product on your website before making a purchase. The benefits of having a website designed specifically to be accessed by mobile devices are endless and ultimately lead to a more successful business.




A key consideration in mobile web design is that not all mobile devices see web pages the same way. When you consider things like screen size, software and programs, mobile web design starts to get even more complicated. Some mobile devices, for example, have difficulty accessing Flash websites. Gilmedia takes all these elements into consideration when designing a mobile device friendly website for your company. We make sure that no matter what type of phone your customers have your company website will appear pristine and easy to navigate.



The primary consideration in mobile web design is screen size. The size and shape of a screen on a mobile device like an iPhone or a Blackberry is drastically different than that of your computer. Gilmedia ensures that your website is designed to fit on the small, narrow screens of Smartphones. Additionally, we make sure that text is large enough to read and links are easily accessible.

Do not frustrate your existing and potential customers with websites that are not designed to be viewed on mobile devices. Trust Gilmedia with your mobile web design and be certain that your customers can properly access your company website no matter where in the world they are.




Mobile website design is an unequivocally important aspect of a successful website. More websites are accessed through phones than on desktops, and this means that your site must be accessible or risk falling behind and losing you clients instead of garnering new ones. Contact Gilmedia to learn more about smart mobile website design.

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