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Despite the fact that email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing it is still a remarkably effective marketing tool. Email marketing is an effective method of getting information out to customers, enticing customers to visit your company website and making your customers feel valued and important. When done effectively, email marketing can directly lead to improvements in sales. However when it is done incorrectly, email marketing can irritate your customers and have a negative effect on your business.

The marketing specialists at Gilmedia ensure your company conducts its email marketing the right way. By carefully considering the frequency, content and tone of your company’s emails, Gilmedia creates an email marketing campaign that generates the positive results your company desires.


Our email inboxes are filled with spam emails that we quickly send to the trash. Many of these unwanted emails come from companies ineffectively using email as a form of marketing and self-promotion. At Gilmedia, we ensure that when your customers receive an email from your company, it’s an email they want to open. We accomplish this by carefully crafting the content, tone and layout of each email.




At Gilmedia, we work with you to develop a goal for your marketing campaign and then we tailor a campaign specifically to meet that goal. Maybe your goal is to increase repeat business or perhaps it is to increase traffic to your website. Gilmedia achieves these goals by developing innovative, unique email campaigns.




As with other marketing initiatives, the success of Gilmedia email marketing campaigns is in the results. We continuously develop email marketing campaigns that surpass the expectations of our clients and their consumers. Gilmedia develops the type of email marketing campaigns that ultimately translate to more business for your company.




Effective email marketing can mean increased sales and a heightened awareness of your brand. Just like any other form of marketing, there is a fine line between effective communication and blatant aggravation of potential customers. Let Gilmedia show you the benefits of well planned, well executed email marketing. Contact us today.

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