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Seven crucial small-business marketing goals for 2017
This image shows a guy climbing up the stairs represents online marketing success

The New Year is a great time for small businesses to start fresh with new and achievable marketing strategies. A lot can be accomplished in a year and there’s never a better time to kick-start your brand’s digital success.
Many New Year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions, which is why it’s so disappointing when we find them difficult to follow through on. Fortunately, there are a number of obtainable goals you can set for your brand this year that will undoubtedly increase your online visibility.
Follow Gilmedia’s seven featured goals you can achieve in 2017 to help rapidly expand your brand awareness:

1. Upgrade your website
Take a good look at your current website. Be critical. Consider how what you’re seeing is often the very first impression your audience is going to encounter. Websites are getting more and more sophisticated, making free website builders easy to spot out in a crowd. Get your website designed by professionals and make sure it really captures the essence of your brand. If you’re marketing what truly makes you unique, your success is inevitable.

2. Start a blog
There are so many reasons you should start a blog immediately, if not sooner. The more important content you publish on your website, the better your site is going to rank with the popular search engines. It’s not good enough to repost great content from another site, either. Great original blog content is one of the secret weapons of getting noticed online. Make sure to accompany all of your written content with eye-catching visuals to reinforce your talking points!

3. Get back into social media
Social media is not everyone’s first priority. But keeping your social platforms active is essential for any business. Every one of the popular social media platforms is offering a unique way to stay engaged with your consumers and your potential consumers. Running a successful Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even Pinterest account can be a serious time commitment, so if it’s in the budget, consider hiring a Social Media Coordinator or Manager to ensure your content is consistent and engaging.

4. Create a newsletter
Newsletters are not a thing of the past. Traditional e-mail communication can be a great platform for you to communicate with your customers or audience. A lot can get lost in the mix on Facebook or Twitter, but e-mail still stands as a more personal and intimate form of digital communication. You can be personal or promotional; it’s all up to you. Newsletters are especially effective around holidays, often accomplishing a similar response to Holiday cards. This is also a great place to offer exclusive promotions of incentives. Give people a good reason to want to be on your mail list. Check out MailChimp, it’s an easy to use Newsletter platform used by millions of users.

5. Familiarize yourself with keywords
Whenever you promote a post with Facebook or Google, your keywords are what make the difference between a successful campaign and dead one. Research what the best keywords are for your product or brand. Keep an eye on which keywords are getting attention and learn from them. Try to eliminate phrases or words that aren’t helping you succeed. Even if they’re getting you clicks, make sure they’re the kind of clicks that are converting into dollars.

6. Network more
If you’re looking for clients, resources or the right staff, networking in your industry will benefit your business a lot. If it’s applicable, host an event in your community! Try to get face to face with your audience and your network is sure to grow.

7. Call Gilmedia!
Gilmedia provides an all-in-one marketing and web design stop for your business! We create innovative, engaging websites and can also provide your brand with top of the line Internet marketing to get your site to the top of Google’s ranking. Visit our website today view the services Gilmedia is offering small and midsize businesses like yours. We’re one of Toronto’s premier web developers and digital marketing services. Call us today for a free quote and to learn more about what we can offer your brand.

So what are you waiting for? Stay relevant and get noticed in 2017 with Gilmedia.

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