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There's more to us than meets the eye - our dedicated team of skilled professionals is ready to take your business further with customized design solutions, strategic marketing and more. Learn more about what makes us unique below.


We are a boutique style website design and online marketing company dedicated to creating a unique experience for you and your business. Whether it’s a product or a service you’re offering, anyone can get it out there on the web. When you choose Gilmedia, we take the time to personalize the experience – there are no standard solutions for any business. Each business we work with is unique, so our approach to each project is unique as a result.


Before starting each project, we like to get a sense of what your business is about and what you have to offer. That involves questioning every angle and researching all the possibilities. We make sure we have all the information – what you are offering is important, but scoping out the competition is even more important. Once armed with the information we need to proceed, it’s then a matter of working together with you to create the tools your business or company needs.


We take care of all the details to ensure that your website looks and performs incredibly well. But we offer more than that. Built into every website design are integrated features that help your business grow. Websites don’t exist in a vaccuum – they are interconnected in the web that is the internet and cross referenced into unfathomable lists by major search engines. Without search engine-friendly design, a website would languish in the forgotten corners of the internet and never see the click of a visitor.

At Gilmedia, we ensure that your custom website quickly climbs the ranks of major search engines and brings your business to the forefront of attention. We offer ongoing search engine optimization services, as well as consulting and online marketing.

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Industry leaders, we've got the chops to back up our work.


A unique website designed specifically for your business.


Boundary pushing, limit testing, imagination stretching design.


From the smallest start-ups to the biggest e-commerce sites.


A close-knit, dedicated team bent on getting you results.


Fully devoted to what we do, helping you grow and succeed.


Custom website design is important when it comes to making an impression on clients. Whether they are returning clientele or potential customers, your website is often the first encounter they will have with your business. Gilmedia is Toronto’s custom web design company – creating unique websites for our clients that speak volumes about their business. Regardless of the type of business, we create custom websites for our clients that help promote their products and services online.

Great website design gets your business noticed. But there’s something else that is just as important when it comes to your business’ success online: search engine optimization. Potential clients look for everything using major search engines like Google. How do you get your business to appear on that oh-so-critical first page of search results? Get Gilmedia to optimize your website. Using a multi-focal approach, we not only weave search-engine friendly content into every website we create, we also make existing websites compatible with the major search engines.

We do our research: we create unique, customized websites for our clients after carefully analyzing what their company – and their competition – is all about.

We don’t recycle: our ideas, that is! Your company’s website design will be exclusive to your company.

We spread the word: our dedicated team makes sure that your website is optimized according to multiple parameters.

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