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6 Social Media Platforms To Keep an Eye On

The landscape of relevant social media seems to evolve at the speed of light. Keeping track of what’s in and what’s out will be inherently difficult for anyone over the age of twenty – but fear not. Gilmedia has done the work for you.

Here’s our list of 6 social media platforms to keep a close eye on this fall.

  1. Peach
    Peach was invented by Dom Hofmann, who is the co-creator of Vine, so you know there’s a real generation Z appeal. Peach is marketed as a way to “be yourself” with the people you like the most. It’s a lot like a visual version of Twitter. Figuring out the “Magic Words” element is a little tricky if you’re over the age of 23, but it’s an app that’s worth keeping an eye on, as it may become relevant at any point. And it’s free.



  1. Hyper
    This one feels like a more exclusive version of Instagram. The rule here is that you need to subscribe to a certain hashtag before Hyper allows you to publish a related image. The layout of this app isn’t particularly impressive, and that could be its downfall. It’s worth it for checking out the different popular hashtags.



  1. Periscope
    Yep, we know, Periscope has already exploded— but the general population has yet to really jump on deck. It’s sort of the successor of Meerkat, another social platform designed for live video streaming. Now owned by Twitter, Periscope is definitely riding the wave of Meerkat’s innovation and earlier success. Facebook Live exists because of it, and it’s great for using at tradeshow events, presentations or any kind of class or seminar. 100% worth looking into.




  1. Crate
    Crate lets you curate the best content from all around the web like a much more mobile friendly version of Pinterest. Get inspired by some of the coolest images and articles that the Internet has to offer, without having to dodge the irritating trolls and pornography that’s littered across Tumblr. It’s a really cool tool to find your content for some of your more prioritized accounts. A great way to find quality media.



  1. Sprout
    This platform is a lot like Hootsuite, but it’s more functional. You can link up with literally every social media platform in existence on here. This app was developed for teams and offices, so it’s really easy to work with multiple players without getting lost or unorganized. It offers a much better outlet for social listening than Hootsuite, enabling you to find the most appropriate content and research just by typing in your most important users’ social media conversations.



  1. Notifier
    We keep hearing about something called “influencer marketing” – the act of engaging with important online sources and people to gain your posts visibility and traction. This app does this automatically, improving your online relationships and social influence. All you’ve gotta do is enter in your content and Notifier scours it for references you’ve made to other brands and people, then it gives you all of their social media information on the spot so you can engage them without having to do any of the homework. This app gives you a foot in the door without the hard work of research. Worthwhile for starts ups and new brands.



Obviously, it’s best to pick and choose when it comes to which social platforms you’re going to commit to attempting. Gone are the days when Facebook and Twitter were the only pieces in the game, but that doesn’t mean you need to be overwhelmed with commitments. We suggest picking at least one of these up-and-coming platforms to try out. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get internet famous.

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